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ICON is a scalable smart contract enabled blockchain platform with a long-term goal of interoperability between enterprise and public blockchains. Our goal is to Hyperconnect the World, and by combining groundbreaking technology, a strong community, and relentless growth strategies we believe this goal is reachable.

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100 Public Representatives of the ICON Network

100 Public Representatives (P-Reps) are elected for the ICON Network by delegation of ICONists. Top ranked 22 main P-Reps will participate in block production, verification and making governance decisions. 200,000 ICONists are waiting to vote for eligible P-Rep candidates to boost the ICON ecosystem.

For detailed information about ICON P-Rep election, please visit the ICONSENSUS site.

  • P-Rep installation and operation on the Testnet - a guideline about how to install and operate a Public Representative (“P-Rep”) node on the Testnet using a docker. The Candidates can simulate various activities such as block production to check technical stability of the nodes on the Testnet.
  • Node Management Tools
  • How to setup governance variables
  • How to register and deregister for P-Rep
  • Operation and Troubleshooting Guide
  • How to setup network infrastructure


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