Release date: 2020-08-10 Docker TAG: 2008032356xc7087e, 2020-08-10 04:30:00 UTC
The following updates describe the latest improvements in each software package, which uses the following version sequence: loopchain 2.6.0, icon-service 1.7.3, icon-rpc-server 1.5.0, and rewardcalculator 1.2.2. See upgrades and fixes for information about updating to the latest release of ICON Loopchain
To upgrade your docker, set your docker tag to iconloop/prep-node in your docker-compose.yml. For this upgrade, it is necessary to bring the node down and up, due to changes. Each node needs to be careful not to cause problems in the consensus process:
docker-compose pull
docker-compose down
docker-compose up -d
This update will be released on Aug 10.
    Add a Private Key Dualization feature so that a P-Rep can separate the key used for block production from the key used for governance. The existing key will be used as governance keys, and P-Reps can register additional node key for block production going forward
    Add a Multiple Unstaking Requests function so that a user can create multiple unstaking requests and manage it
    Support a SCORE inter-call function to interact with System SCORE so that a smart contract can stake and delegate with IISS API using SCORE internal call
    Add a new type of the network proposal to adjust the global i_rep value
    It is possible to use List and TypedDict as external function parameters, but there are some limitations
    More strict data type check for external function parameters in smart contract
    The number of delegation slots has increased up to 100
    Minor bugfix and code optimization
    Minor bugfix and code optimization
    Update dependencies
    Update tests and docs
    Improve and update configuration and etcs.
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