ICON Developer Portal

ICON Developer Portal

ICON Network is a decentralized smart contract protocol based on ‘loopchain’, a high-performance blockchain engine. The ICON Network aims to remove barriers among different blockchains and allow them to exchange values without intermediaries. By realizing this goal, ICON will realize the mass adoption of blockchain technology and Hyperconnect the World.

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Running ICON Node

ICON Node is based on the loopchain. loopchain is a high-performance blockchain engine that you can produce blocks as a Public Representative and also you can connect to the peer to peer network to monitor the blockchain as a Citizen Node.

Public Representative

ICON Network is running by Public Representatives that produce blocks and validate the blocks. Public Representatives can be voted and elected by token holders. Top-ranked 22 Public Representatives are called by Main P-Rep that they can participate in making on-chain governance decisions. Only accounts registered as Public Representative can produce blocks.

Citizen Node

Citizen Node is a node that does not produce a block. This node can connect to the peer to peer network to monitor the blockchain and can provide an API Endpoint for the JSON-RPC API.

For your guide

Please check the below guides to install and operate your node

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Running ICON Node

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