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ICON is a scalable smart contract enabled blockchain platform with a long-term goal of interoperability between enterprise and public blockchains. Our goal is to Hyperconnect the World, and by combining groundbreaking technology, a strong community, and relentless growth strategies we believe this goal is reachable.

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Running ICON Node

ICON Node is based on the loopchain. loopchain is a high-performance blockchain engine that you can produce blocks as a Public Representative and also you can connect to the peer to peer network to monitor the blockchain as a Citizen Node.

Public Representative

ICON Network is running by Public Representatives that produce blocks and validate the blocks. Public Representatives can be voted and elected by token holders. Top-ranked 22 Public Representatives are called by Main P-Rep that they can participate in making on-chain governance decisions. Only accounts registered as Public Representative can produce blocks.

Citizen Node

Citizen Node is a node that does not produce a block. This node can connect to the peer to peer network to monitor the blockchain and can provide an API Endpoint for the JSON-RPC API.

For your guide

Please check the below guides to install and operate your node

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Running ICON Node

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